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“My unique style of practice allows me to offer comprehensive and compassionate care, with all the time and attention my patients need.”

“I’m passionate about helping my patients achieve their very best health.”

“My patients are like family.  I believe that having a strong, personal relationship with my patients is the best way for me to positively affect their life.”

“My goal is to make sure all my patients feel their best, no matter their age.”

Elizabeth Anderson Halabuk, M.D.

For Dr. Anderson Halabuk, each patient is an individual with concerns and needs that are unique.  Her approach focuses on evaluating each patient as a whole and devising a comprehensive plan that addresses all of the components of health that contribute to long-term wellness.  This type of care requires time and attention—two qualities that Dr. Anderson Halabuk considers critical to effective diagnosis and compassionate treatment.


Dr. Anderson Halabuk has significant expertise in the management of diseases that impact multiple organ systems.  Because so many patients are managing diabetic and pre-diabetic conditions, she is particularly focused on the early detection of abnormalities in blood sugar metabolism.  By getting to know her patient’s whole health and lifestyle, she is able to develop treatments plans using medications and behavioral strategies, so that her patients can avoid the development of diabetes with its associated complications.  If the disease has already been diagnosed, her background in the management of vascular complications provides patients with a strong advocate for their care.


Upon completion of her training at George Washington University in 2000, Dr. Anderson Halabuk joined the medical community in Northern Virginia.   Dr. Anderson Halabuk has served as the managing partner for Paramount Care Physicians since 2004.  This dual role as a physician and managing partner has provided her with a bird’s eye view of the changes in health care; she considers it a critical responsibility of the management position to look at innovative strategies that allow the practice to thrive and continue to provide individually designed health care for its patients.


While living and working in Centreville/Fairfax area over the last 15 years, Dr. Anderson Halabuk continues to raise two children.  Like all parents, she is busy meeting the needs of her children with carpools and sporting events crowding the schedule.  As the mother of a child with a developmental disability, she is also active in community groups which assist and support in the social and vocational needs of individuals with autism.  She is happy to share her experience with others who also struggle with trying to find the best resources for their loved ones, regardless of the disability.



Scott I. Bell, M.D., PhD.

Dr. Bell knows that one of his most important roles as a primary care doctor is to help his patients with preventive wellness technique—not just the treatment of acute medical issues.  His practice style allows him to serve as a coach and quarterback for his patients.  His approach to medicine takes into account that truly feeling well is a complex state involving physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual factors. He believes that a person’s lifestyle and personal choices have a greater bearing on their long term health and longevity, than how much medication that they take. He believes that in most cases less medication is better, however, when medications are clearly needed- he uses them effectively in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices.  He believes that your body is your spirit’s home.  It is his objective to work with you to make your body a wonderful home for future years of happy, healthy and productive living.


Dr. Bell serves patients of all ages and is very comfortable caring for and advising people from their late teens to their 90’s (and beyond). His approach to the patients in his care is to be respectful of their time and to provide prompt, convenient service.  He even does house calls to his older patients or those with a special medical need.  His “Mobile Physician Services” hit the road every Friday afternoon.


Dr. Bell has been in practice in Northern Virginia since 2001.  He completed his residency and internship at Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, VA and received his medical degree from Albany Medical College, where he ranked in the top one third of his 1998 class.  Before going to medical school, Dr. Bell earned his PhD in Chemistry from Penn State University in 1990.


Dr. Bell also practices what he preaches.  Several times weekly you will find him riding his bicycle to work or out on the W&OD bike trail. He loves the outdoors and enjoys kayaking, hiking, gardening and cooking. He is a Civil War buff and a student of American history.  He is also well known for his special recipes for home brewed beer which he makes for special occasions and family get togethers.




Thomas R. Graziano, M.D.

Coming from a large extended Italian family, Dr. Graziano learned from an early age that lending a helping hand extended not only to family, but also to friends, neighbors and strangers.  He brings that same care and compassion to his practice at Paramount Medical.


Dr. Graziano knew early on that he wanted to spend his career caring for people.  While attending CUNY- Brooklyn College, where he earned his B.S. in Biology, Dr. Graziano obtained his Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification and joined one of Brooklyn’s volunteer ambulance squads. Through his association with the ambulance squad, he volunteered at several city hospitals emergency departments and also rode with the paramedics out of St. Claire’s Hospital, assisting the midnight shifts covering New York City’s Times Square district.


He earned his medical degree at New York Medical College. During his clinical years, he had the opportunity to treat a wide variety of patients—from the wealthy Upper East Side at Lenox Hill hospital to the poor and indigent at Metropolitan Hospital in East Harlem.  From his experience, he was drawn to the personal, close contact that Internal Medicine offered.


Dr. Graziano’s practice is focused on the one-to-one connection between patient and physician.  His patients are treated like family.  He offers the highest level of service and support so that no matter what medical conditions they may be struggling with, they never have to manage their care alone.


Dr. Graziano and his wife reside in Oakton where he and his wife raised two boys and took full advantage of the excellent academic institutions in Virginia.  Now empty nesters, they spend time pampering “Andy” their 8 year old Beagle/Bassett hound mix from the Fairfax Humane Society.



Frederick F. Lennon, M.D.

Dr. Lennon believes in a comprehensive approach to medicine. He gets to know the entire person he is caring for, their lifestyle and whole health history, so that he can take the most effective approach to their well-being and long-term health.


With his many years in practice, he has developed deep relationships with his patients, knowing their medical needs and personal histories very well.    He places a strong focus on not only treating acute issues, but preventive wellness as well.  He counsels his patients on the importance of a  healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity and good nutrition.


Dr. Lennon treats patients of all ages, but has a special interest in geriatric medicine and what is necessary  to make the senior years as healthy and enjoyable as possible.


Dr. Lennon’s many years in practice in Northern Virginia have also made him an expert in the area’s additional health resources, specialists and hospitals.   He has served as Chair of the Department of Medicine and Medical Staff President at Prince William Hospital in Manassas and has had hospital affiliations with Fairfax and Fair Oaks Hospitals as well.  His knowledge of medical staff function and hospital credentialing give him particular insight in helping patients navigate any inpatient hospital experiences that they may have.


Dr. Lennon is a 1984 graduate of Temple University School of Medicine in his home town of Philadelphia. He completed his residency at the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque, NM. He has been a resident of Catharpin, VA since 1989 when he first moved to Virginia. He and his wife Margo raised their two children there. As an outgrowth of his interest in and preaching of regular physical exercise, he has become a bit of a gym rat late in life and finds himself at the gym in the early morning hours on most days. He is also known to frequent the occasional golf course and to revisit his youth listening to music through vintage electronics on vinyl LPs.




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