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FAQs Regarding Program Membership



Who joins a program like this?

Our Keys to Healthy Living program is the perfect alternative for patients who wish to receive excellent care from their physician with a level of service that is not generally available in traditional practices.  Our program allows us to offer more personal time with patients, more time for advice, advocacy and emotional support, and more time to manage all of our patients' health care needs, both immediate and preventive.



Am I too young for this program?

Patients of any age can benefit from our Keys to Healthy Living program. Some of our members are as young as their 20s, others are in their senior years.



Is there a discount for family membership?

Adult members can receive a complimentary membership for children between the ages of 18-26.



What if I only go to the doctor once a year?

The cornerstone of the program is the annual comprehensive screening physical. Even if you don't frequent the doctor often, your comprehensive physical will provide insight into your long term medical needs. Based on the results of your screenings, your doctor can craft a customized wellness program to ensure you remain fit and healthy.



How much is the program?

There is an annual membership fee. Please ask for current pricing.



Can I pay in installments?

Concierge Choice Physicians offers a number of flexible payment plans to meet your needs. Your membership can be paid in full, semi-annually, quarterly or even monthly by credit card, debit card or check. Our goal is to make participation as convenient and comfortable as possible.



Can I change how I make payments?

You can change your payment schedule and method of payment at any time by simply calling the Concierge Choice Physicians customer service line.



What if I want to cancel?

Concierge members sign an annual contract but may cancel at any time. Refunds are determined by the status of your comprehensive screening physical.



How much of this is paid by insurance or Medicare?

There is an annual fee for this service that is generally not covered by your insurances.



FAQs Regarding Medical Services



Do you have laboratory services on site?

Yes, our goal is to make the management of your health as convenient as possible.  We have a Quest Diagnostics laboratory located in our suite; the phlebotomist is experienced and well versed with our office routine.


Do I need an appointment to have laboratory testing completed?

Yes, we ask that all laboratory visits be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance so that your personal physician may prepare the orders and expedite your testing thereby minimizing any wait.


What preparation is needed before a fasting visit?

If you are required to fast before your visit, we ask that you abstain from all food except black coffee or tea.  You are encouraged to drink water to enhance the experience.  All regular medications excepting insulin may be taken.


Is there a financial penalty if I miss an appointment?

The doctors kindly request as much notice as possible prior to   cancellation, but certainly understand that emergencies do arise.   There is no charge generated secondary to cancellation.


How can I have my medical records released?

You can request that your medical records be released by simply completing our Release of Medical Records form.  Please click here for a copy of the form.




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